Is it Possible to Get Six Pack Abs and Become The Michael Jordan of Sex at the Same Time?

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FTC Disclaimer: The Sex Spartan Fitness Program has had many success stories but results always vary with the individual. The program is not to be used as a substitute to anything a doctor has prescribed and you should consult a doctor before starting this or any physical fitness program or diet plan. Always remember that you get what you put into this program, so if you want to achieve your goals you have to do the work. You must be 18 years or older or have parental consent to purchase this product.



Sex Spartan Fitness Program Will Help You…
Improve Your Fitness in 30 Days


how to get a six pack

  • Get Six Pack Abs by burning stubborn belly fat using intense unconventional body weight exercises that trigger the After Burn affect
  • Boost testosterone, your libido and lose fat with the Lean Life nutrition plan
  • Develop lean muscle mass via isometric exercises that help develop power
  • Develop your flexibility with dynamic and static stretches built into each work out


“My buddy bought me your program as a joke and I decided to give it a try for laughs. Not only did the work outs kick my ass, I lost 15lbs and the ladies well, a gentleman never tells, but the girls won’t stop telling their friends about me! Hahaha, whose laughing now!”
Brett.S, Boston


Increase Your Sexual Performance

Michael Jordan of Sex


  • Help you gain total control of when you ejaculate through various exercises and drills
  • Help you strengthen your tongue, neck and jaw so you can master cunnilingus
  • Increase the flexibility, dexterity and strength of your fingers for foreplay
  • Teach you various sexual techniques that will drive your lady wild
  • Never suffer from premature ejaculation problems again
“I’ve been doing Kegels for a while before I tried Sex Spartan Fitness but never heard anything about tongue training until I found your website. It just made sense to me and when I started doing the exercises I was able to make my girlfriend orgasm so much quicker I thought she was faking it the first time. I definitely struck Gold buying your program because it has made me change the way I look at sex and fitness forever.”
Alejandro.R, Houston
Teach You How to Pick Up Women


how to pick up women

  • Teach you a simple 5 step process that will help you pick up women so you can blow their minds with all that you have learned from the Sex Spartan Fitness Program


“ What you are doing for women is phenomenal. Yes, we do love sex and want to have great sex and are tired of guys always thinking about themselves. My roommate  bought your program for her boyfriend and she started reading me the Sex Spartan Philosophy and I think every man should use your program as a right of passage to man hood. We did the workouts as well WTF, I felt like I was in gymnastics all over again. Great job you should teach a class, I would totally take it!”
Jennifer.P, Los Angeles


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Why Does Sex Spartan Fitness Work So Well?
Sex Spartan Fitness Uses a Sports Oriented Strength and Conditioning Method!

What does this mean? This means I decided to treat sex like a sport and ask the question what would a fitness program need to have to make you the Michael Jordan of the Sex. First lets look at what it would take to play professional Basketball:

Example:  If you wanted to play Basketball at a professional level your training regime would consist of two parts:

basketball skills dribble

 Part One: General Strength and Conditioning: General Strength and Conditioning would consist of exercises that make you stronger, faster and quicker. This program would make you build lean muscle mass, increase your fitness and make you lose weight. This would give you the physical capacity to perform Basketball skills at your best.

mens fitness

 Part Two: Basketball or Sport Specific Drills:
Basketball specific drills will be exercises and drills that develop strength, endurance and technique in specific skills like shooting, dribbling and passing.

how to get a six pack


Sex Spartan Fitness Program Has Two Parts

sex tips for men

In doing research I found that their were tons of cheesy soft core porn videos that “taught you sex moves” but none had the fitness element that should be considered first and foremost. If you have had any sort of real sex you know that the best sex is usually the most physical. So after several years, tons of research, and loads of practices; the Sex Spartan Fitness Program was created. So if sex was a sport in order to be the Michael Jordan of the sport you would need a two part program.

Part 1: General Strength & Conditioning: Is filled with high intensity, body weight exercises that help increase your fitness, melt fat, build a six pack, develop lean muscle, increase your stamina and flexibility.

how to get a six pack

Part 2: Sex Specific Drills:These drills develop your ejaculation control as well as your tongue, neck and jaw strength so you can stay in the game longer and have the strength and endurance to make your partner orgasm multiple times.

Tongue Training

Sex Spartan Fitness Philosophy

how to get a six pack of abs

The most important aspect of Sex Spartan Fitness is our Philosophy of sex and how we reprogram the way you think about sex.
The Sex Spartan Fitness program is built on four basic principles:
1. Partner Comes First
2. Give and Give some More
3. Listen to Learn
4. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
These four principles will revolutionize the way you think, act and perform during sex. The practice of aiming to please your partner instead of aiming to get please will take your sex to the next level and turn your partner into a giving machine as well.


When You Sign Up Today to The Sex Spartan Fitness Program  You Get…

                              Sex Spartan Fitness eBook

sex tips for menThe Sex Spartan Fitness ebook which is 50+ pages of training, philosophy and motivating stories. It also contains different finger techniques you can use during foreplay, different tongue techniques for cunnilingus and different thrusting techniques for when it’s game time. You can download and save the book as a .pdf, print it or read it on iPads and other tablets.


                       Access to the Sex Spartan Fitness Videos

mens fitness videos


You get access to the Sex Spartan Fitness videos, which are 3 10 min intense work out videos and 2 sex specific ones with more to come. So be prepared to lose weight, get a six pack, get flexible and perfect your performance in bed.


                                A Logical Guide to Picking Up Women

logical guideYou get the  A Logical Guide to Picking Up Women ebook. This ebook is outlines a process with a few simple steps  that teaches you how to pick up women logically. It teaches you how to leverage the fact that not only do women want to have sex, they want to have great sex probably just as much as you do. Since have been using the Sex Spartan Fitness training you just have to follow the steps outlined in the ebook to convince them you are the one who will provide them with the mind blowing sex they seek.




You also get these bonuses…

                           Bonus 1: Lean Life Nutrition Plan

how to get six pack absLean Life 30 day meal plan that will help you burn fat, build lean muscle and increase your sex drive. Once you are done with the 30 days you can continue or use the plan to keep eating healthy and be Lean for Life.


                            Bonus 2: Motivational Training Calendar

sex tips for men

Sex Spartan Fitness 30 day motivational training calendar. Filled with inspirational quotes and motivating eye  candy. Your work out of the day is also listed on the calendar so all you have to do is print it, mount it on the wall and train.





email coaching

    Bonus 3: Unlimited Email Coaching

Unlimited email coaching, fitness and dating advices. I have helped my clients not only get physically fit but accomplish many other personal goals.




I’m Ready to Claim My Spot, What’s the Cost to Invest in My Fitness?

 $3000 Value for Only $97

As a personal trainer in New York City I charge my clients $1000 for 10 sessions of training, which usually last for about three weeks. When deciding to price the Sex Spartan Fitness Program most of my clients said that $200 would be a fair price because there is no program for men like this on the market, the program works and I am helping men not only get fit but master sex. Plus I am throwing in the meal plan, the calendar and email coaching. Despite their advice I decided to sell the program for $97. I did this because I want the average guy to be able to afford my program so that they don’t have to waste money trying to buy expensive things to get girls. All they have to do is use Sex Spartan Fitness program to get fit, step their sex game up and the girls will come to them. Plus it is a 30 day program, which is like 30 sessions with me, which is a $3,000 value for just $97 in the convenience of their own home.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you are going to love the Sex Spartan Fitness Program that I offer you a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. This means you risk nothing and have up to 30 days to get all of your money back with no questions asked.  

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